I was going through the internet and I found a blog on a man who has no hands and yet has achieved great things in life. Vikram Agnihotri, is from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Vikram is the first from India to get a licence for driving with his feet. He was only 7 when he came in contact with a high tension wire while playing at his friend’s terrace top. But this incident didn’t stopped him from achieving his dreams.

He is a swimmer and also plays football. He works out and also uses a computer with the help of his feet. he trained his legs to do all that he could have done with his arms, so much so that he never felt like he was missing out on anything. He studied at a regular school, finished his master’s degree, and is now a motivational speaker who also runs a gas agency.

Since getting the licence, he has driven more than 22,000 km and is soon to get himself into the Limca Book of Records.

Currently, Vikram is the chairman of Vital Spark Welfare Society through which he gives motivational training, lectures, and workshops for everyone from school going kids to adults in the corporate sector.


I was thrilled and then while I was thinking of Vikram a thought came into my mind, How much a Human can achieve?

If Vikram can do it then most of the people can do it. We don’t know the strengths of our mind. We can achieve great things by efficiently using the Human Potential.

I am clearly stating that why we are stopping ourselves from achieving the things that we like.

A friend of mine wanted to buy a car in 2016, who doesn’t want a good car to drive. He postponed it to 2017 and then 2018 and now it’s 2019. He still want that car but what is stopping him to buy that car. He complained in 2017 that last year was tough but this year he will do his best and buy that car. Again in 2018 he complained that 2017 didn’t proved to be great year for him. It’s 2019 and he is still complaining.

Doesn’t he know that what is he complaining about is totally rubbish!

Well, maybe he knows deep inside that he wanted that car but his efforts were not 100%.

More than 90% of people live their lives complaining about the stuff and the condition gets deteriorating.

Vikram didn’t stopped himself from achieving his goals. He didn’t complain about his disability. He worked on it and achieved his goals without procrastinating.

We have to stop complaining for what we don’t have and should start complementing the things we have and then only we can achieve what we want.

Desire is the oxygen and complaints are like carbon dioxide (CO2). To eliminate the CO2 from your life you have to focus on your desires and stop complaining.

There is no limit to the human potential. YOU can do it because you want it and YOU will make it happen, be there any obstacle or any problem.

Charlie Chaplin once said, “Nothing is permanent is this wicked world-not even our troubles”.