“When you practice Gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others”

-Dalai Lama


Dalai Lama is the one of the greatest gurus on this planet. He has a very bright soul and his teachings are eyes opening. When I was going through one of his quotes I was captivated. According to Dalai Lama when you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others. This quote made me ponder a lot. I started to judge each and every things that I did and that happened with me and how grateful i was?

Dalai Lama made my mind lucid. I thought that when did gratefulness became a practice? Gratefulness is a verb and accordingly it should be put into an act. Right?

I was perplexed and didn’t understood the quote very well. But then I asked myself a question, “ How am I grateful to others in day-to-day life?” and I realized that I am not that grateful for the things that I receive from this wholly world. And that was the time I came to know that ‘gratefulness’ is something that should be practiced in day-to-day life.

Being grateful makes you realize that you deserve this! Gratefulness like the act of kindness heals your mind and soul.

I want gratitude to be part of who I am rather than something I just conjure up during my day or whenever something good happens in my life. Not only does it feel good to have a grateful outlook on life, but the benefits of gratitude are scientifically proven to affect everything from your relationships to your stress level to the quality of your sleep. That’s science!

After a while I was having a conversation with my friend and I told her about the quote by Dalai Lama. She was like, “Gratefulness is not a practice, and it’s not an act. And it should be given when one feels grateful, not when it is “requested” as that’s not real.”

Then I told her that, “Gratefulness is something which is the uttermost level of humanity. If you are not Grateful for the things that you have then you cannot receive positiveness in your life.”

I am right about this!

Then she said, “That is not what Dalai Lama says. He says that it is expressed to show respect and I respectfully disagree. Gratitude is expressed when one is grateful, not respectful.” And she was making some point but I am Mr. Right so I told her, “Oh yes! I agree with you but I think that you took it too seriously!  When you are grateful for the things you have then your respect towards the things gradually increases. Dalai Lama didn’t said that it’s a compulsion to respect everything or everyone!”

So, she kind of got charged up on me and said, “I express gratitude when I am grateful and I do that often because I am grateful, not because I am respectful. I am respectful to others because I am respectful, not because I am grateful. See?”

And then I got her, she is not making a point, she’s just being stubborn and over protective about her personality. In reality I don’t even know if she’s grateful for everything like she said.

I got my mind up and told her, “So, as Dalai Lama said and I quote, “When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others”… Dalai Lama never said that you should be grateful for everyone and respect everyone. This quote has no precise definition for ‘others’. For me ‘others’ are the living & the non-living. I know some people might not be respectful in your eyes and yes there are some who don’t deserve respect. But the quote doesn’t say that “Go and respect everyone”. So, you are taking this quote way too seriously. Gratefulness is a way of expressing your gratitude towards something, so by thanking someone or something you show your respect towards the same!…. and my friend if you are not grateful for someone then you might or might not respect that person!. Again, this quote doesn’t force you to respect everyone!”

After listening to this she was blank and she stared at my face and after a while of introspective thinking she said, “Well maybe that’s truth for the Dalai Lama, and I respect that, but it’s not truth for me. I express gratitude when I am grateful. It has nothing to do with respect.” I mean, common, you could have come up with a better comment but you have to maintain that obstinate personality.

To stop this conversation right away I calmly told her, “ The world that we see from our eyes is different from how Dalai Lama perceives it!” and she nodded to that. That was a great way to end the conversation. Well, the fault is all mine because I was trying to explain Dalai Lama’s quote to a person who isn’t even grateful for anything. And yet I was thankful of her to show me the direction towards gratefulness and respectfulness.

See, this quote by Dalai Lama didn’t forced me to be grateful or respectful for the conversation that I had with my friend but it showed me how a person or a thing can help you out in a different yet vigorous way. She helped me decipher the quote and she was successful in doing so and hell yes I am grateful and yes I am respectful of her being so strong willed or simply stubborn. I cannot change a person!

Gratitude is always the second half of Respect. So, when you are grateful for the things that you have in your life then you start respecting others.